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Buying, Selling and Maintaining a Pre-Owned Vehicle

Consumer Help
Getting nowhere with your problem? It's always a good idea to first try to work out any dispute or problem you have with a vehicle or service directly with the dealer or service shop.
It may save time, expense and aggravation for everybody. If you've exhausted that route and still are not satisfied, try turning to these avenues for help.

Manufacturer Customer Helplines
From what we've seen this channel produces mixed results, but they're worth a try.

Better Business Bureau
For used vehicle and other automotive complaints, select the regular complaint process.

Attorney General Offices/Lemon Laws by State.
Some states are better than others at helping consumers, you may have to be persistent to get anywhere here.
State DOT/DMV web sites
All states now have most licensing, title, and general paperwork requirements online. Avoid the lines -- use these links to contact your state DOT or DMV.
Vehicle History Check
Always a smart idea, get the history on most any car or truck, 1981 to present.