Older Vehicle Condition Guide

EXCELLENT A very well kept older original vehicle, often with low mileage for the year. Needs no mechanical work. Shows well, with only minor cosmetic needs. Appears to be far newer than it actually is.

CLEAN Vehicle is ready for the road, but shows normal wear and tear for age. There is no rust through and no major bodywork or structural repair is needed.

FAIR A vehicle that runs and drives but needs mechanical work to make it safe, reliable transportation. Cosmetically, the vehicle shows numerous signs of wear and tear, but is not to the point of needing major bodywork or structural repair.


Poor A vehicle may or may not run and drive but needs extensive mechanical work througout. May also need extensive body/frame work. Surprisingly, pricing is often close to that of a FAIR condition vehicle as there may be useful recyclable materials and components that can be resold.

Pristine These are vehicles that are almost "as new" in every way. Usually an extremely low mileage vehicle that shows obvious care througout its life, or a vehicle that has been subjected to an expensive refurbishment or restoration. These can often command a steep premium beyond our EXCELLENT value.