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INDEPENDENT  VMR has no affiliation with any dealer or industry group, orgainization or special interest lobby.

EXCLUSIVE Value-Track technology collects, sorts and compiles thousands of price points from dozens of sources simultaneously--giving you a  precise, "big data" look at the used car market.

TRUSTED by consumers since 1989, VMR can help you save hundreds--or even thousands--on your next used vehicle purchase.

No joke, this is a new Ford!
2016 Ford GT

Collector Car Market Review May 2015
Classic and collector car values, auctions, profiles
person thinkingThe VMR Difference

Ever notice how NADA, KBB, and Edmunds seem to be most interested in connecting you to a dealer? (who then pay them for your contact information)

We don't want to sell you a car at a so-called "fair" price (it often isn't).  We want you to buy a car at the best possible price -- FOR YOU.

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